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Enhance your Workplace Wellness with

Salsius Water Filter Rental

WorkWell Program

for Corporate, GLCs and Government Offices

Thoughtfully tailored for Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) and Government Offices. We understand the vital role of providing your organisation with clean and healthy water, and we’re excited to introduce a solution that not only ensures water quality but also brings multiple benefits to your employees and office organization.

Plans starting at only RM65 per month.

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specially for companies :

Why Rent?

Expense and Tax Efficiency

Opting for our 24-month subscription plan allows you to manage your office's financial expenses efficiently and reduce tax liabilities.

Maintenance Included

Our program covers installation and filter maintenance, saving you time and ensuring a hassle-free experience for your organization.

Employee Satisfaction

Providing a clean and convenient source of water contributes to a happier and more productive work environment, boosting employee morale.

Enhance your Workplace Wellness

Benefits for Employees:

Improved Health and Focus

Access to purified water encourages employees to stay hydrated, a fundamental factor for enhancing overall well-being, productivity, and concentration.


With our water filter subscription, employees can enjoy fresh, filtered water without the hassle of purchasing bottled water or dealing with heavy water jugs.

Environmental Impact

Reduce plastic waste and your organization's carbon footprint by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Smart MRO

Ambient & Hot water 0.0001 micron

Monthly Rental

RM 180

First 24 months service

RM 54

Continue 12 months service

Outright Price + Installation

RM 3,700

Sub-Micron Filtration

Ambient water 0.5-15 micron

Monthly Rental

RM 100

First 24 months service

RM 70

Continue 12 months service

Outright Price + Installation

RM 950

Multi-Ultra Filtration

Ambient water 0.1-0.4 micron

Monthly Rental


First 24 months service

RM 56

Continue 12 months service

Outright Price + Installation

RM 950

Point-Of-Use Filter

Whole House Pleated Sediment Filter

Monthly Rental

RM 57

First 24 months service

RM 40

Continue 12 months service

Outright + Installation

RM 450

Outdoor Filter Combo A

Monthly Rental

RM 87

First 24 months service

RM 60

Continue 12 months service

Outright + Installation

RM 950

Point-Of-Entry Filter

What's Included?

Rental includes DeliveryInstallation & Maintenance

(only for by Rental Subscribers)

How it works?

Check your eligibility

Fill up the Rental Subscription Order Form

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what's next

After 24-month subscription contract has finished, you have two choices:

Continue to use the product at discounted price

rental price after 24 months of subscription will be discounted

Discontinue if you decided to stop

We’ll arrange for an installer to safely uninstall the water filter

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Join Salsius Workwell Program today and experience the positive impact on both your employees and office organization

because a healthier workplace is a more productive one.

Clean Water, Clear Focus – Salsius Delivers.

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