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1. Ambient Drinking Water Purification

SMF Winning Attributes
The SMF Water Filtration Systems provide peace-of-mind for your family by removing harmful substances while retaining beneficial healthy minerals – all at an unbeatable value for money. The systems are NSF 42 and 53 certified and a digital indicator alerts you when it is time to replace the filter – making life easier and ensuring your family stays safe from water-borne illnesses. 

2. Hot And Ambient Water Dispenser

SMRO Winning Attributes
The SMRO Water System is the ultimate worktop space saver ! The under sink reverse osmosis system prevents corrosion in the water tank and scaling issues to the boiling device and equipment. Nonbacterial growth with a tankless filtration system for the ambient water makes this an ideal choice for room temperature drinking. Cost saving on self-replacement and long life in one multi-stage RO filter cartridge make this an investment you can feel good about.

3. Point Of Entry Water Filtration

POE Package Winning Attributes
The Salsius POE package is the most hygienic water filter on the market. With a replaceable filter cartridge and a sandless system that avoid bacteria growth, it’s ideal for the whole house water treatment needs. Plus, the flushable pre filter attachment supports a longer lifetime for the filter replacement. Efficiently filter in stages starting from 40 to 5 microns that can trap high volumes of tiny sediment, and chlorine to serve the most practical point of entry water filtration purpose.


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